about time I scanned all the RRA stuff from my sketchbook ! see the rest under the cut »


"some nerve they have… slacking off when there’s much more places to search from… hopeless subordinates" -gets comfortable in his chair and sips coffee-

a secret frog technique of ninjas I suppose

(Silver’s legs turned out kinda feminine?????)

Red Ribbon Army~ ☻w☻ Yellow one makes me smile but at the same time I want to hang myself

p much

after the flight that Hatchan offered


also some what if’s:

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    I miss doing fanaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrtttt…
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    I would solo be goku right here.
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    My gawd- if you like the Dragonball Red Ribbon Army at all and haven’t seen these drawings, check them out, they’re...
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    Complete win. I want to eat my monitor. And then draw awesome fanart like this.
  12. potara said: Sobs at the prettiness
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    Awesome! The cloud head made me laugh out loud, too. I got that characterization for Brown because he A) made Silver’s...
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    Oh, you’re right ! It seems to be still fuming in the first panel. Copper and Brown are also there wearing pretty...
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